Monday, November 21, 2011

Midnight Mölndal and Mudslide Lightning Video

One of the great things about Gothenburg is the amount of "urban climbing".  Walls and boulders can be found scattered around town and while these smalls "areas" generally only contain a few problems each they can boast some real gems.

One of these gems can be found on a small wall at the edge of a residential area.  Complete with grassy landing, Midnight Mölndal is a beautiful line and has been a hot problem as of late.  Unfortunately urban climbing often brings boulderers in contact with angry landowners and access becomes and issue.

Midnight Mölndal is located fairly close to a few houses and while the two closest houses are friendly with climbers there is a lady that glares from her window and has tried to run folks off.  Fortunately the climbing is on public land and we have every right to be there but climbers should still tread softly.  The last thing we want is someone to take a hammer to this problem.

If you go to Midnight Mölndal please don't walk down the hill toward the garden and the house beyond.  Try to stay low-key (no celebratory yelling) and if the lady comes out be nice when stating you are on public land and will continue to climb.

Here is a little video of Midnight Mölndal and it's direct finish, Mudslide Lightning.


Danne C said...

najs direct route=)

Anonymous said...

Relly nice vid.