Monday, October 17, 2011

Lightner Creek

I've been getting out a little here in Sweden as the weather has been perfect.  Hope the sun continues to shine as I've got lots of things to do this fall.

Here is one last retro-post from the States......

My favorite area in Durango was Lightner Creek.  The area has a few restrictions and the boulders are spread out but the rock is high quality and makes for good lines.  I only got to spend a half-day there but saw enough to know that when I return to Durango Lightner Creek will be my area of choice.  One of the appeals for me is the obvious potential for those willing to hike as I'm certain that countless gems are waiting to be discovered in the hills.  Here's a couple pictures.

 Prairie get oh-so-close on Center Problem

 Prairie on a beautiful crack problem

 Eric fires a thuggy arete

Evan sending his project, Airbus

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