Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting the Word Out on Solklinten

Throughout the summer I've put lots of effort into developing a new area called Solklinten.  I've spent many a precious climbing day running through the woods finding gems and countless hours making them climbable.
I think I have done enough exploring and development around the world to speak with some degree of authority about an area's quality and potential and I can say that Solklinten captured my attention for the better part of a year.  

Solklinten may not be a world destination but it has some amazingly good problems of all levels and the potential is impressive.  I have personally established roughly 100 problems but they are spread over a large area as I've been picking off the problems that appeal to me.  There are certainly clusters with a dozen or more climbs next to each other but some of the best problems are fairly isolated.  I'm still finding amazing things and if the area ever got fully developed it would easily have 500 quality problems and over 1000 if developed to the level of Kjugekull.  I actually liken Solklinten to Kjugekull as it has the potential to be a similar area in turns of the amount of bouldering from a single parking area (I believe Solklinten actually has more but it covers a larger area).  All it would take is some work.

At this point Solklinten will appeal to the explorers who are willing to hike around and find things, hopefully bringing brushes and adding something of there own.  It would be easy for someone to visit the area with little guidance, find only a couple things and right the area off as limited.  Essentially I need to produce some type of guide to help folks navigate around but do to the size and terrain it seems like quite an undertaking.  I guess my stance on grades doesn't help the situation either as folks seem less likely to visit an area without a bag of numbers to chase.  

I do hope to produce better information on what has been done and where the best potential lies but who knows when/if I'll get around to it.  For anyone that would like to visit the area and get a tour/information feel free to contact me at

Me on a slopey project that should go down the next day with good temps

Hostage Taker once again

Lina on her name's sake, Lina's Arete


Anonymous said...

Good work man, keep it up. Why dont you use Easy, Medium, Hard and Project for grades as a compromise?

walkerkearney said...


and i'm all about a simple rating scale but it is, of course, all relative.

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job up there Walker and I really hope people will understand the potential of the area. I will report all the easier problem I have done up there to so all types of climbers have something to do.
But as me and Jocke have seen a lot is that there are a lot of lazy climbers that don´t wan´t to walk a lot and they don´t climb lines without grades. Sad that there are people like that.

I am working on a Tjörn guide and when that comes out I think then people will go there more. It will be a printed one and there will be hundreds and hundreds of problems in that guide.
I could do a rough guide for Solklinten that we can put out on GBO maybe?

Like the Utsikten area. There is about 300 problems in that area now. And at least 300 more to do!

Keep up the good work