Friday, September 16, 2011

Monster Project

This year I made it back to what is perhaps the best remaining project at Monster Island.  It isn't located at Monster Island proper but a smaller sector about 10 minutes away, which is just far enough that it is usually difficult to rally the pads required to make the landing safe.  This year I convinced some folks to check it out and we spent a couple hours working it, piecing together almost all the moves.  Ultimately there is one stopper move just below the lip that no one stuck but several of us got "close".  The move requires a degree of commitment as sticking the pocket will result in a big swing that could send you flying down the hill.  Even if I muster the strength and courage to stick the single move it would be a whole different ballgame after the 7 difficult moves leading up to it.  Hopefully next Pie Fest I'll be in better shape and make it back for a glorious send.  We'll see.

 Antonio sticks one of the earlier moves

 Still some climbing ahead

  Lisa getting set up for the undone crux

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic pece of rock!!! All those holes....mmmmmmm