Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Awhile back Pontus took Hammie and I for a tour of an undeveloped area called Solklinten on the island of Tjörn.  The quantity of rock was impressive but it was the striking lines that made me load up my wire-brushes and go to work the following weekend.  The few days of development that followed yielded a handful of problems with Radar getting most of the attention and several repeats.

Since those initial days the area hasn't seemed to attract anyone as a 15 minute approach and the work required to actually develop the place seem to deter most people.  Fortunately I've been able to take a few folks out recently that seemed pretty psyched on the area (check out Bummel's blog) and every time I go out a couple more problems get sent and/or brushed.  Pretty soon I'm hoping to compile enough good problems to attract the masses, I just hope they bring there walking shoes and wire-brushes.

Here are some pictures of the area, some from the first outings in Sept and Oct and others from more recent.

Kim an area gem called The Ringer

 The view this fall

 The initial session on Radar last Sept

 Chris on the start of Gusher 

 Chris on a slopey top out


sd said...

stuff looks sick

Susan said...

Hand crack on The Ringer?

Walker said...

the stuff is pretty sick. and fortunately there is not much jamming on The Ringer