Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Few more from Font

Here are a few more pictures from Fontainebleau.

Luke on the beautiful L'Étrave in J. A. Martin

Le Yaniro in 95.2 was one of the coolest problems I did.  The only time I've used a figure-4 for more than a party trick, and I removed my left shoe (like Luke in the picture) to help un-pretzel myself.   

Lars on Rocher Canon's best problem (in my opinion), La Théorie du Chaos.

Due to exploding elbows and some decree of restraint Luke and Chris actually rested but still found themselves out at the boulders supporting their obsessive friend (that would be me).  They humored me by going back to things after we had packed and got a taste of what Lina has to live with.  Thanks heaps.

Dosage in Buthiers was one that it paid off to drag my friends back too.  Last minute sends are always sweet.

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