Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joshua Tree Video

I still haven't been climbing since returning to Sweden. While the weather has provided windows it has not been conducive to taking out my toddling sidekick. It seems to always be too cold, too windy, or too wet but I hope that soon everything can come together. I manage to keep the shakes at bay with attempts to potty-train my daughter, which will be my hardest send to date.

Here is a short video of a couple problems in Joshua Tree. Bittersweet is a steep crimpy line right behind a campsite in Hidden Valley and So High is a Jtree classic that blurs the line between high-balling and free-soloing. Bittersweet requires strong fingers and So High requires a strong head and both come recommend.

I'm also toying around with my editing program and trying some different things. I'd like to know what folks think of the split screen and would be psyched for feedback.

Hope you enjoy.


AK said...

Splitscreen is the way to go. Nice one.

Marco said...

I like the video, seeing everything from multiple ankles is cool, however I like it more if the second smaller ankle is positioned in an rectangle like when you zoomed on the fingers at the beginning. That way you don't waste much space with the black frames.

Btw. Thanks for your cool feed.

Regards Marco

walkerkearney said...

thanks for the feed back. it's always nice to hear what folks think as i'm always looking to improve my videos.