Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vegas Baby Vegas

Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas proved to be pretty decent. The rock tends to be mediocre but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in quantity. There are an impressive number of boulders for those willing to hike with top class problems on bomber rock popping up on occasion.

The sandstone lends itself toward steeper climbing so even when the lines are ugly and the rock is questionable it's still easy to have fun. I wouldn't say the bouldering can fully compete with Bishop and the Tanks but the fact that it's fairly new to me makes it my top pick for this winter. It's nice to be able to climb 10ish new climbs everyday instead of trying projects and seeking obscurities. Hopefully I'll make it back for a spell before flying back to Sweden.

Lots of boulders can be found in them hills

You got to love the desert. T-shirt bouldering in the dead of winter and plants that like their personal space.

Prairie trying Snake Eyes in the Kraft boulders

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