Sunday, December 19, 2010

The French Tickler

The French Tickler is one of Hueco's best lines and one of the few problems I thought I could do in my weakened state. Unfortunately the old Walker has made a comeback as I fell off the very top a few times and left empty handed. The worst part is that I walked away with an injured shoulder and I'm now taking it easy and hoping that the pain goes. Hopefully a few days of rest will be enough as I'm too stupid to actually take substantial time off.

Here are a couple pictures of the Tickler

Scoping the top out

Jeff on the French Tickler

Only a foot from the top and not sending


Anonymous said...

Looks as if your life is pretty sweet right now! Sweden is COLD! Nyp ut av bara helvete åt mig också!


walkerkearney said...

i feel for all you folks in sweden. try to stay warm and i'll climb a boulder for you