Saturday, September 5, 2009


A couple months ago a downpour had me lamenting my inability to go bouldering. Bad weather on a free day is often the key ingredient for scouting new potential but for some reason, be it laziness or my natural aversion to water, I didn't feel like braving the weather. Instead of actually going out I opted for a little virtual scouting online. I spent some time checking out aerial photos of the islands outside Göteborg. The exposed rock of the islands make for good virtual scouting but even if you find something there might not be a way to get there if you don't have a boat or a mean breaststroke. You can image my excitement when what appeared to be large boulders sat along the beach of an island reachable by a ferry. Yesterday Dr Lars, Johan, Per-Ola and myself headed to that island with pads and brushes.
Hyppeln is still a bit of a hassle to get to (you have to take two ferries) but it proved well worth the effort for a day of fa's. The rock is standard island quality (bullet) but the climbing tended to be steep on good hold. We put up 7 problems with the beautiful Davey Jone's Locker being the gem of the area. There is still some potential and one line in particular that has me wanting to go back with a few extra pads. Here are a few pics.

Warming up on Bättre än Boulercupen between ferries

Lars tries Tonfisk Xpress

Per-Ola on Farmors Kaka

Johan on Farmors Kaka

Lars emerges from Davey Jone's Locker


fredrik said...

hey walker! Awesome place. Are the problems made at the same spot around Farmors Kaka and tonfisk Xpress? Found some more super nice blocks around the island that I thought I'd have a go at tomorrow. Really cool if you could post the problems already done on GBO.

walkerkearney said...

the problems are all around the same area. i hiked around and saw some other good stuff to do but we never got around to it