Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Big Day at Hogen

Hogen saw a flurry of activity on Sunday as there must have been 2o people there and several of the best undone lines went down. I managed the 2nd ascent of an incredible slopey problem after Adam surged his way up it (got a name for the problem Adam?) and my only other victory was the fa of a tricky toe-hook problem I'm calling "Dance Quintet". There where some other notable fa's as Fredrik utilized his height to stretch up a cool face (name?) and Lars danced his way up a heinous problem that left everyone else beat-up and confused (name?). There are still some undone gems for those with fa fever and many of those that are done are top class. In fact the area holds what I think is one of the best moderates in Sweden and it alone is worth a trip. I'm sure I'll be back at Hogen as I'd like another go at the Lars problem among others.

Fredrik tries his luck on the slopey problem

Adam on Fredrik's face climb

Adam on the heinous Lars problem

Martin on the first move of the Lars problem

Dance Quintet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dance Quintet is the perfect name for that tricky thing, you know, my cycle.

Im calling the tall thing "Räkdödarn".