Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three is the Magic Number

Hammie didn't make it easy for Lina. Serious contractions started at 2100 on the 24th and Hammie fought tooth and nail until she was literally pulled out nearly 22.5 hours later at 1921 on the 25th. (seriously though, the nurse attached a thing to what little was exposed of Hammie's head and yanked while Lina pushed like there was no tomorrow) Hammie came out a looking like a human blueberry or one of those lovable Smurfs as she was blue from head to toe. Once we got some oxygen into Hammie she took on a more human complexion and at 52 cm tall and a scale tipping 3.88 kg she became the cutest baby every (I'm a bit biased of course).
As you can probably tell we haven't settled on a name so it's Hammie for now. We've decided to try out a few of the names in our arsenal over the next few days and we'll let you know which one she likes best.

Lina's pre-Hammie belly

Lina starts to get acquainted with Hammie

The blanket Hammie is in was mine when I was her age

Cutest baby ever. NBD

Hammie and Grandma.


Anonymous said...



Amy said...

Hooray! She's beautiful! Yay!

Heather said...

OOOOOooooooo, forget about it! Can't wait to squeeze that baby girl! :) love you guys so much. xoxxoxo H

Linda and Mariah said...

Dear Uncle Walker and Aunt Lina,
I am so excited to have the cutest baby ever as my new cousin!!! I can't wait to meet her!!!
Love, Mariah

Anonymous said...

guess a girl cant be called Torsten then.
Mighty congratulations to yall on a job well done.

Big up


Matt said...

Congratulations Walker and Lina, she is beautiful. My baby Reagan just turned 1 yesterday. This last year flew by so be sure and cherish every crying and laughing moment. Hope to see you three at Pie Fest this year.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your beautiful girl.

Alexis and Jose

suyapa said...

Congrats....she's besos a los tres

David said...

Bien! Bien! Bien!
Ole por Lina!
Es preciosa, nos alegramos mucho Walker!
Un super abrazo familiar

erik said...

goodness...what a cute lil' gal.

love a three of ya,


Carles said...

Congratulations Walker and Lina!!!!!

Your princess is already here!!!

Now, I have two princess and I'm becoming crazy!!!hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Beyond words with excitment. Takin after walker with the dark hair? You know Chris is a great name for both guys and girls...
Lil' Chris

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's as sweet as can be. Best wishes! So glad your mom got to be there!
Bryce and Rain

Anonymous said...

Congratulations the baby is beautiful and should be named after her grandmother. The picture with the baby and Nita is lovely.


Olga Hodann said...

Hey Sweety!
You are such a cutie! Look forward to play around with you when our parents go climbing!
See you!