Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost and Found

This last weekend Peter, Jon from Stockholm (aka Bruno), and I braved the cold and headed to Orust. Peter and Jon played on the Nick Cave Roof (congrats to Jon on Henry Lee and the 2nd ascent of Stagger Lee) and I tried to stick to my policy of establishing at least one new problem every time I'm in an area still under development. I went searching for something without icicles dangling from it and found myself struggling to grapple out of a hole. The cave eventually became Lost and Found (sitdown is still undone) but the best send of the day was retrieving my sock from the dark recesses of the boulder pile. It required more skill than I could muster and I eventually had to rely on Jon's long arms and superior spelunking ability to free my sock and save my toes from frost bite. Thanks Jon

Going head-first for the runaway sock

Beta intensive

Jon tries the sitdown to Lost and Found

Peter on Lost and Found

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos! You actually made it look quiet interesting. Maybe I have a go next time...