Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heading Home

My family drove me to the El Paso airport and after getting hopped up on coffee I waved goodby to family, freedom and sunshine. It feels good going home to Sweden as 9 weeks is a long time to be away from Lina. On the down side I'm leaving Hueco Tanks just around the time I was starting to climb well. My Scottish friend Gary arrived a week before I flew out and he tends to motivate me as I dispatched a couple old projects (Full Service and The Feather) and was feeling better than ever on others. Hopefully I'll come back in good shape next season.
The forecast in Sweden looked grim but with Spring just around the corner I'll be back on rock in no time. Hope my Swedish friends are ready to be drug outside.
It'll be good to be home.
I'll try to update the blog with some vids from the trip as not everything was stolen and I got more footage after the robbery.

The fam getting louder than usual with the help of caffine

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Josh Tamminga Knives said...

i think you meant "away from lina and my baby!!"