Friday, August 29, 2008

Skivbloket Project

While Göteborg is far from tapped out I've been hard pressed to find new boulders close to town that get me psyched. It's rough having only a few hours after work (and the days are getting shorter!) and we find ourselves limited to areas we've been to hundreds of times. That said, occasionally you find motivation close to home.
I eyeballed the thin dihedral on skivbloket a couple years ago but it wasn't until recently that i brushed it up and went to work. It's high, beautiful, and begs to be climbed. Little Magnus was close and with any luck we'll go back next week and do it. Could be exciting. Nice to find motivation at a local area.

reaching to the heinous crimper

trying to bypass the heinous crimper by using the shoulder-exploding gaston

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