Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Erik in Kjuge

While Kjugekull locals seem deadset on putting up lame sit/defined starts to every existing problem (Dude, it's like at least two grades harder!) there are still a couple undone lines in Kjuge worth doing. Here's Little Erik this spring on the FA of one such line. I find it odd that it took so long for someone to do it while grade-inflating sit starts are popping up everywhere.

Unfortunately for Erik I eyed that line years ago and it was my closed project. He will have to unclimb it, and beg me for forgiveness. The project will keep the working name of "I'm an egotistical maniac”.

Congrats Erik. I can't wait until someone put a sit start on that one.


Harald (local) said...

Snyggt Erik! Inspirerande!
Men eftersom jag inte har ditt magiska nyp så är det nog bäst att jag håller mig till de töntiga, övergraderade sittstarterna. :-)

Anonymous said...

En sittstart här hade definitivt varit intressant!/erik