Sunday, January 10, 2016

Some Shots from the Road

I'm wrapping up four weeks in the States and it's safe to say the trip hasn't quite worked out as expected as a broken computer kept the blog silent and a broken van curbed movement and climbing.  So it goes.  I'll catch up with some retro-posting soon and in the meantime here are some shots from the road.

I drove through this little town in California where I'm kind of a big deal.  

Just south of Walker (the town, not me) on Hwy 395 is a lone boulder that offers a perfect pit-stop.  I stopped for a quick session and ended up getting sucked in to trying a project for 4 hours.  Fortunately my buddy Tom randomly drove by and stopped to join the fun

Tom on the awesome project that took a long time to figure our.  By the time we had all the beta we were too sauced to send but I'm certain Tom will fire it when he returns.  

The Tungsten City boulders is a rarely visited area outside Bishop I decided to checkout.  It had a nice little circuit and you can't beat the approach.  This was before my van started giving me trouble

Traveling without the family means dinner can be thrown together last minute.  Sometimes I don't want to put in much effort.

And sometimes I happen upon a sweet Mexican restaurant. 

Fellow van dwellers enjoying some spiced whine after a day of bouldering

The crew trying to stay warm

The Sierra Nevada mountains catching the first rays of sunlight as the moon descends.

Catching the moon.

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