Monday, July 28, 2014

Some of the Latest Development

Here are a few pictures of some problems we've recently put up around Sweden's west coast.  I'm actually not sure what we ended up naming most of these as I've forgotten or we never found a fitting moniker.  

Novak on a random boulder I found out near Härryda.  The easier problem goes straight up but if you like it spicy you can head right to a high crux.

Tumle on a fun compression problem off Härskogsvägen. 

An awesome problem that climbs out a roof and ends with a crux helicopter dyno.  Pyssel, not surprisingly, got the FA when I took him here and I'm psyched to get back as I never put it all together.

Mathias on Ménage à Quatuor, one of Bohuslän's best moderates.  We put up a few other problems in this area but this striking rail feature was the gem.

Mathias on one of the other problems near Ménage à Quatuor.  Around the corner from this problem is an amazing project that is above my pay-grade but could go for someone with fingers of steel.

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