Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mr Rogaland

Bouldering areas come into existence due to the hard work of a motivated few.  While most climbers don't seem to notice rock until it is clearly listed in a guidebook, covered in chalk or featured in a video, those with a penchant for development are always on the lookout and spend lots of time hiking, scouting and brushing.  Fortunately for us Rogaland has a few of these motivated climbers that are spending countless days giving the masses something to climb on.  

The local crew in Rogaland is pretty small and while there is a group that develops the driving force behind much of what has been done in the last few years is Tore Årthun.  Tore is responsible for some of Rogaland's best problems and he is one of the few climbers I know whose motivation to develop might rival my own.  He's got a backlog of projects and we had the pleasure of being shown a couple.  I could only imagine the trouble we'd get into if we lived in the same place.

It is worth saying that Tore is well aware of what he has in his backyard and while he enjoys showing folks around he is apprehensive to make Rogaland the next hot-spot.  Not having a guidebook to the region is a conscience decision and an attempt to keep Rogaland low-key and adventurous.  I've actually debated about spraying my love for Rogaland as I don't want to contribute to "ruining" the region and I'd like to reiterate the importance to being respectful and informed when visiting climbing areas, regardless of where they are.  And if you go to Rogaland and act like a jackass Tore will find you and crush you with his bare hands (Norwegians are descended from Viking after all)

That said, here are some pictures honoring Mr Rogaland (how do you like your new nickname Tore?  you're welcome).

Mr Rogaland working on his tan between burns on his project

This prow was one of the projects Tore took us to.  After brushing it up we did the stand and Tore would return later to do the sit.

The early moves of the prow.  Great moves.  Awesome stone.

Tore on another one of his projects.  This one is pretty mega and I heard it just went down, giving Rogaland another amazing test piece.

Kalle on Home Liber, one of Tore's many FAs.

Tore showing the beta on his En midtsommernatts drøm.

I thought I should also mention another individual whose name is bound to come up when perusing established problems in Rogaland.  If you look at a list of the hardest problems in Rogaland you'll quickly notice that two people  make up for about 80% of the first ascents, one is Tore Årthun and the other is Jarle Risa.  On my last trip to Rogaland I finally had the pleasure of meeting Jarle when he flash-first ascented the project we brushed up.  Before he was a bit of an enigma but I think legend might me the more apt adjective now that I've met him.  

Jarle.  The man, the myth, the legend.
This was the only picture I managed to snap whilst he was raping and pillaging our project.  Must be the Viking blood,

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