Friday, May 24, 2013

Peak District Photo Dump

Some more pictures from the Peak

Patrik on the Green Traverse 

Hammie out for a quick session

Helene climbs, Lina spots and Patrik spectates 

A bucolic landscape

 If you've ever been to the Peak District you've seen a few of these. 

Patrik on a steep arete in Standage

The Eagle stone sits all by itself but is well worth a visit as it is has several great problems.  Here Patrik tries to find balance before the double-dyno on Where Beagles Dare

Patrik finds a creative sequence on a deceptively difficult problem

Flatworld was one of the problems I sought out after seeing a picture in the guidebook.  This aesthetic arete was  the gem of the small area

Patrik pulls on a cool pocket problem


Anonymous said...

Does it still stink by the Eagle boulder?


walkerkearney said...

As far as I remember Eagle boulder didn't smell any worse than other areas surrounded by sheep. Nothing like the sent of the country side