Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vomit, Ice and Hotels

Even though I escaped the misery of Swedish winters it isn't always sunny and warm here in the States.  A recent cold spell that has farmers throughout California fretting over crops has also troubled us and sent us into contingency mode.  Our little family was snowed out of Joshua Tree and then Hammie spent a night projectile vomiting.  Our attempt to escape to warmer conditions in Las Vegas was interrupted with hurried stops so I could spew into the desert and while Vegas was indeed "warmer" it could hardly be described as pleasant.  The combination of freezing temperatures and sickness has sent us scrabbling to discount accommodations and in the last 10 days I've filled my hotel quota for the next year.

While the hotel life isn't cheap by dirtbag standards it has allowed our little family to recover from sickness and kept my girls warm and sane.  We've also braved the cold a few days and are hoping to escape the hotel a few more times before the journey to cold Salt Lake City.

I do realize that I have no reason to complain about weather as my Swedish friend are hunkered down in Scandinavia but I'm still going to shake my fist at the thermometer and wish I was bronzing under the warm sun.  Fortunately the weather is getting warmer and we have a couple nice days in St. George to look forward to.

Here are a few pictures

 Praire pre-snow on Stem-Gem in Joshua Tree

One of the cooler new problems I did in J-Tree.  Frenchie is a little dirty but with a little more traffic it should clean up nice

 Two sickies.  The vomiting was over at this point but we where far from good.  I'm glad Lina never got the sickness

 Desert Rain is an awesome problem in Red Rocks outside Las Vegas

Lina on a cool steep problem in Red Rocks

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