Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wobbly Pop

Anyone who follows the blog knows I like to develop.  The excitement of exploration and creating something from nothing is a major draw for me and even when I'm in well established areas I find myself scrabbling around looking for something new.  Fortunately Hueco Tanks has any number of nooks and crannies and some of the climbs waiting to be found are high quality.

Last season I brushed up and worked a cool roof climb on West Mountain and this year I made a point of going back to finish it off.  After a couple days of effort Wobbly Pop was born.  Of the 20 or so problems I've established at Hueco I think this one is the best.  It involves all you'd expect from a cryptic Hueco problem, toe/heel-hooks, a knee-bar and some power endurance to finish it off.

Here are a couple pictures.

Keith Allen sticks the first move of Wobbly Pop

The crux sequence revolves around a small crimp/pinch.  We discovered a knee-bar that helps you easily get the crimp but you then have to make a long pull off it to the lip.  Here Byron reaches for the crimp.

Keith Allen gearing up for the big move to the lip

It's not over when you hit the lip as you still have to core up and pull a toe-hook.

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