Friday, August 31, 2012

Wild Basin Bouldering

It feels great being back in Colorado and I'm reminded why I used to make annual pilgrimages here.  The climbing is plentiful, the altitude makes for decent temps and there are loads of motivated climbers to get out with.  Unfortunately Colorado isn't the best place to come with a 3 year old as the long approaches take on a whole new level of heinousness with an extra 35 pounds wobbling around on your shoulders.  Having good friends here to help out with Hammie is the only way I could make this trip work.  Many thanks to all of you (especially Antonio, we love you Toto)

Due to a cold and jet-lag I've taken it kind of easy for the start of the trip.  While I climbed the first 3 days here I did select areas with minimal approaches and I managed to restrain myself a bit.  Now that I've taken an off day and finally gotten a night with more than 5 hours of sleep (Hammie is not making the adjustment easy) I'm ready to really dig in and hoping for a big day tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures from our first day at an area called Wild Basin in RMNP.  

Antonio (our hero) on Hamburglar 

Antonio on Black Tie Affair 

Antonio on a fun steep problem

Andrew on Odie

Andrew on Real Hero

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