Thursday, December 8, 2011

Excessive Calories and Puddles

I’ve made it back to the good old USA and I celebrated touchdown at my final destination by consuming a doube-meat green-chili bacon cheese burger.  God bless America.  I’m currently on my way down to Hueco Tanks to burn off those excessive calories. 

I seem to have left Sweden just in time as the first snow has now blanketed the landscape and climbing in Gothenburg just got shutdown.  Fortunately things should be dried out by the time I get back to Sweden in April.

Until I get out on some rocks in the land of the free here are a couple pictures of John on Puddles from my last climbing day in Sweden.

 John snags the intermediate before the crux


Try face

John tries to seduce Puddles with his sexy face.  Puddles wasn't quite so easy and needs a second date. 

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