Sunday, January 16, 2011


Scattered amongst Vegas' boulders are some pretty special features. The sandstone type and quality varies by area so a good variety of shapes and styles can be found. Here are some pictures of a few of the grips I fondled.

The very cool "brick pinch" formed by the two runnels on Jack of All Trade

Though a bit sandy, the slopers of The Carapace are reminiscent of Font

The very beautiful Blood Trails is worth the 30 minute approach

The cool smiley face sloper of Mr. Smiley

The balancey and beautiful Pork-chop


John V. Antonson said...


When are you coming back? Bring guidebooks. I need to discuss my spring trip. It seems like Vegas shoulkd be on our hit list.

Love and kisses to the whole family


walkerkearney said...

we get back to gothenburg around the 28th. vegas is pretty sweet and i'll spray you down.