Monday, May 3, 2010

Joe's Valley

It is safe to say that four days is not enough time in Joe's Valley. Regardless, we made the most of our limited time by climbing everyday and dreaming of the next time we find ourselves in Utah. There are so many good lines in Joe's that my head was spinning and I was excited about a return trip before the first day even wrapped up.

Here are a few pics.

David warms up on the Rail

The incredible Poseiden exploits my dynoing weakness and shuts me down. Oh so close.

David on No Substance

Tomasina on Wills of Fire. One of the best moderates in Joe's

Jitterbug Perfume is added to the list of problems that spit me off after the crux. So much skin was sacriifced with nothing to show for it.


BETO said...

Dude, Walker. Nice Joe's pictures. Thanks for posting that one at the Tanks. Also, nice blog!

walkerkearney said...

great climbing with you beto. let me know if you make it to euro land.