Friday, November 20, 2009

Strumpeband and Jättesten

A couple weeks ago I got a tip from a friend about two rather large boulders located in a neighborhood in town. On Friday Goldielocks and I figured we'd use the a few hours to check them out and we were pleasantly surprised. There were several obvious lines and we put up four problems. The rock is quite good and there is room for a few more climbs. I just wish the boulders were one meter higher but it was fun nonetheless. A local that stopped to observe the monkeys told us the boulders were call "Strumpeband" and "Jättesten" (Garter belt and big boulder). Can't say I understand the naming of the first block but it made naming the problems easier.


The Garter-belt Toss

Garter Grove

The line on Jättesten


Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Where in Gothenburg might this be? Worth a visit?


walkerkearney said...

it's quite ok. if you want to see something new it's worth a trip since it's not far. the boulders are right off of snabbvingegatan in mölndal. enjoy.