Thursday, August 20, 2009

Downtown in Oldtown

It's getting harder and harder to find problems around Göteborg that I haven't tried. Admittedly, Göteborg is far from climbed out but I've generally had to resort to using topographical maps to scout new areas. I've had a fairly high degree of success finding new things but it can be tiring and time consuming to explore and brush every time you're out. With that in mind a group of us headed to a small area in town called Nylösen that I'd checked out a couple years back but never climbed at. Little Magnus established a fun roof there called Downtown in Oldtown and there are a couple other problems to sample. I did Downtown a couple times as it was fun roof climbing and brought me back to my roots (Hueco Tanks, Flagstaff AZ) and a boulder up the hill offered some more climbing and a pipedream on tiny crimpers that I'm convinced goes despite the blood that will flow from fingertips after two tries. Maybe next time.

Per-Ola getting close on Downtown in Oldtown

Jesper gunning for a crimper


Martin actually out climbing

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