Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Seems weird to leave the good weather in Sweden but that's what I'm doing. Tomorrow I leave for Spain. I'm jazzed. Here's some random pics from a previous trip.


Anonymous said...

Not that it´s any of my business, but I´m just wondering how you can afford so much traveling??? What job can give you that freedom and still enough money to travel all the time? Just curious (I want that job!).

Good blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

So much for god weather, this morning we have 5cm (2 inches) of fresh snow...

Matthew and Cassie said...

Hey Walker, just wanted to let you know how inspirational your blog is. We found the blog after posting a moe's valley video a year or two ago and getting a recommend on one of yours from moes. Watched it and then found your blog. Read most of the posts and got inspired about Albarracin and said "if we ever go to europe we have to go there". Well we recently started an extended road trip, and managed to do three months in europe. We made it to albarracin and thought it was outstanding (no surprise considering your pictures and video). Even more surprising is that we met Adam and Michelle there (two brits) that you climbed with in bishop. It's a small world after all. In a couple of days we head to bishop. Can't wait to get on some of the climbs we've seen on your blog. Anyway thanks for doing such a good blog/pictures/videos. Never know who you're going to inspire.

-matthew and cassie