Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back in the USA

Sleeping two hours the night before I left Sweden and managing to stay awake for most of my flight put me in a zombie like state when I finally landed in NM at 1930. It was all part of a careful calculations designed to minimize jet-lag and I slept like a baby until 0545 the next morning when Dave (aka Pants), Claude, and myself rolled out for an early morning session before they headed to work.
The steep rail feature we tackled as the sun started to rise was a bit too hard for us, but climbing in a t-shirt at 0630 under clear blue skies put a smile on my face and reminds me why I come here for the winter.

Rocking the top of the rail

Claude on the start while Pants spots in his underwear (don't ask)

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Anonymous said...

Don't try and fool me, that's Fettot från rymden in Högesten.