Monday, February 4, 2013

Isaac slays a long-term project: Force of Nature is born

It takes some serious dedication to spend days trying a single project and the degree of elation/relief that comes with a send is often correlated to the time invested.  Knowing this I can only imagine the happy endorphins flowing though my friends body when a multi-year ordeal finally ended.  Isaac Caldiero spent in the neighbor of 60 days trying a project in Moe's Valley and I was fortunate enough to be there when he finally managed to pull off the send.  Force of Nature uses trickery and burl to climb out a low roof on slopers/edges and ends with a dyno to a jug.  All things considered it is a great problem and if the effort Isaac put in is any indication it is probably the hardest in Moe's.  Now Isaac can breath a sigh of relief and find another project to obsess over.

Here are a couple pictures.    

Isaac gearing up for the first big move to a decent edge.

Sticking the edge

Bad sloper intermediate before another slopey rail.

Set up for the crux dyno

Sending!  Unfortunately the photo doesn't capture how close Isaac was to falling.  There was a fair amount of shaking when he stuck this dyno.